Thursday, January 10, 2002

Library Juice issue 5:2 is available, featuring The Promise of Software Libre (Open Source).

Also . . .

Last Caller Ring Back: A BBC documentary on UK pirate radio.

Monday, January 07, 2002

The new issue of Innovation focuses on progressive librarianship and features articles by Al Kagan and Mark Rosenzweig - abstracts are available.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Li Shuangshuang

Literature in Line: Lianhuanhua Picture Stories From China

The term lianhuanhua, literally "linked pictures," was coined in Shanghai in the 1920s to describe a form of illustrated story that had been developing in urban China since the introduction of Western printing technology in the late nineteenth century. Lianhuanhua books are usually only about three by five inches in size, with one picture to a page, and serve a market similar to that for cartoons and comics in the West. Although different in format and theme from most Western comic books, lianhuanhua may be described as the Chinese response to new forms of publishing imported from the West . . .

Am exhibit from the Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art. Thanks to gmtPlus9.


Three miscellaneous finds:

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Your Books, courtesy of wood s lot, D.C. public radio station WAMU's ongoing series on the history of D.C. music, and Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine - Real Audio transcriptions of early 20th century popular music 78s, by way of Jessamyn.

A while back, I griped to Rory about the preponderance of soft news at LISnews, and now I find myself filling up this site with lots of fun links . . . post-graduation relief has made me temporarily incapable of digesting professional literature - it's on my list of resolutions, though, I swear.